Let A Freight Broker Handle Your Shipping

What are all the costs that go into in-house distribution? You’ve got to account for a whole gamut of factors, from the physical staff, equipment, and vehicles needed to maintain an inventory and get products shipping out in a timely manner. You’ve got to have staff specifically designated and trained to handle the logistics, and for companies with a larger service area, a reliable network of carriers.

On top of that, you’ll likely need to insure every staff member, vehicle, and piece of equipment involved in the process, and have your human resources department develop and maintain recruiting, payroll, and compliance strategies to ensure you have all the necessary pieces in place for a successful, long-lasting distribution operation.

All factors added together, you’re looking at a potentially million-dollar or multi-million dollar operation that’ll take months to fully organize and require a significant portion of your operating budget. You could take this headache of a route — or you could hire a freight broker like LHP Transportation to handle your distribution for you!

Freight brokers like LHP can save your company an incredible amount of time and money by taking all the expertise and all the physical, technological, and human resources that running a national shipping operation requires off your plate of responsibilities. You’ll need to maintain your inventory logistics of course, but freight brokers like us can reliably handle everything from Point A to Point B for you, saving your business from an expensive logistical nightmare and keeping your customers happy with the timely delivery service they expect and deserve.

Freight brokers also help keep the shipping economy stable! Not only do we do the work of recruiting the most reliable carriers for you, we help local carriers stay busy during down seasons with readily available loads for hauling. This keeps local carriers employed and bringing in a steadier income, which in turn helps maintain the carrier’s business and the location they’re in as a viable, reliable point in our national carrier network. Win-win!

LHP Transportation is proud to be a veteran leader in freight transportation, with over 25 years in the industry. We’ve combined the strengths of cutting-edge logistics technology, which allows you to digitally track and trace your loads in real time, with a national network of carriers that can get your goods anywhere they need to go in the U.S, Canada, or Mexico. It’s given us the capability to reliably serve the immense need of certain Fortune 500 companies, and to extend a sterling reputation of timely, attentive service to you.

LHP Transportation is proud to offer truckload and LTL shipping anywhere throughout North America. Not sure what kind of shipping is best for your business’ needs? Continue reading below to learn more!

What Kind Of Shipping Is Right For My Business?

There are multiple types of freight transportation, and the most cost-efficient method for your business is dependent on a number of factors, from the volume of products you typically need shipped to the physical size and dimensions of your goods themselves.

We recognize that these needs can fluctuate from quarter-to-quarter, too. By choosing a freight broker like us, who are incentivized to get the most out of every truckload, you’re gaining the opportunity to enjoy flexible freight transportation that can adapt to meet your needs. You’ll be getting the most efficient shipping possible, so you get the most out of your money, instead of investing in a warehouse full of trucks that are only used to their full capacity half the time.