How secure are your company’s product distribution operations? Are your freight transportation specialists using the most efficient routes for delivery? Without quality tracking data, you’ll never know. 

In the digital age, load tracking and tracing is more important than ever to a company’s bottom line. Logistics software is more than just an organizational tool; it’s a critical value add that offers benefits to both you and your customers, and as more companies get on board with tracking and tracing, logistics software will become an essential investment in order to stay competitive in your industry. 

At LHP Transportation, we’ve helped some of America’s largest companies cut costs on their distributions by leveraging the powerful combination of our top-tier logistics software and our intercontinental freight transportation network to streamline their operations. In today’s blog post, we’ll be diving into what makes load tracking and tracing imperative to your company’s distributions. 


Customers Expect It

In an age in which consumers and businesses have more options than ever for freight transportation, more and more customers are starting to expect the ability to track the progress and estimated delivery of the products they order. Load tracking and tracing data, which is collected via hardware installed into freight carriers’ vehicles, is what gives companies the ability to offer this information to consumers. It may cost a little extra to obtain and maintain the hardware that provides real-time data on the progress of shipments, but those costs can easily be passed on to consumers with an increase to the shipping cost. 

When you choose LHP Transportation for your freight transportation needs, we take care of all the technology and logistics management for you — all you have to do is log in to our convenient online portal to access real-time data on your freight shipments. 


Identify Errors More Easily

Load tracking and tracing is vital to the security of your products, particularly if your company utilizes intermodal shipping as part of your distribution operations. If there are unexpected delays in the shipment of your freight, or some items get damaged or go missing during the freight transportation process, load tracking and tracing data can help you identify where in the route these problems may have occurred. 

LHP Transportation utilizes state-of-the-art load tracking and tracing technology in our logistics infrastructure that comes equipped with EDI capability and an uninterruptible power supply to ensure that your freight transportation data stream stays constant, even in the event of emergencies. 

Our Technology


Ensure The Security Of Your Inventory

Load tracking and tracing data can provide you a real-time overview of your freight shipments, ensuring their secure and on-time delivery. If there are delays or interruptions in your freight transportation, the data will show you. 


Optimize Your Product Distribution

Perhaps the greatest benefit of load tracking and tracing is its impartiality — freight transportation data is unbiased, allowing your company to more clearly analyze the efficiency of your freight transportation and identify data-driven solutions to further optimize your freight transportation and cut costs. 

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Load tracking and tracing adds value to your company’s distribution operations, both on a strategic level and in the quality of service you offer your consumers. When you choose LHP Transportation, you’ll get to enjoy smooth, simple freight transportation through our easy-to-use freight shipment portal and secure online logistical database. There’s a reason that some of America’s largest companies, including Walmart and John Deere, have continued to choose us for their freight transportation over our 25 years and counting in business, and that’s the time and money we save them through our data-driven approach to freight transportation. Visit our website or call us today to get a freight quote for your company’s needs!